To let Brium know you are working on something, just tell him what it is.

For example, if you are replying emails, you would say:

  • replying emails
  • If you started working on something but forgot to tell Brium, don't worry, just add how long you've been at it:

    • replying emails for 25 minutes
    • replying emails for 2 hours
    • replying emails since 11:30

    If you switched to a different activity and then continued working on the original one, but forgot to let Brium know, you can say:

    • replying emails from 10:30 to 10:45

Anything you report to Brium is considered an activity. Examples of activities are:

  • replying emails
  • fixing bugs
  • project foo

You can prefix activities with keywords. These usually correspond to project names.

In the following examples the keyword is project foo:

  • project foo: replying emails
  • project foo: fixing bugs
  • project foo: writing tests

Keywords make it easy to later categorize reports into projects or to assign them budgets in hours, but it's not mandatory to add them in order to use Brium.

If you want to tell Brium you are still working on the last activity you reported, you can use:

  • ditto
  • idem
  • .

(Yes, the last example is just a single dot.)

This is especially convenient if you continue working on the same activity for several days.

If you are done working you can tell Brium goodbye:

  • bye

However, you don't need to say good bye every day.

If you usually work the same amount of hours every day, Brium will assume you kept working on the last activity you told him about until your work hours are fulfilled.

For example, assuming you work 8 hours a day:

  • (at 9:00) replying emails
  • (at 11:00) fixing bugs

If later you don't say bye to Brium, Brium will assume you worked 2 hours on replying emails and 6 hours fixing bugs during that day.

If you left but forgot to tell Brium:

  • bye at 15:30

If you forgot to say bye and you're done for the day, go in the next morning and say:

  • Yesterday left at 15:30

You can ask Brium for a summary of what you've been working on:

  • ?

This will tell you how many hours you've been working today and during this week.