Break free
from timesheets

Stop asking your employees to fill out timesheets. Brium does it for them. Know exactly how they are spending their time.

How it works

Brium tracks the time each member of your team spends on different activities, by asking them through chat what they are doing. A couple of words a day is all it needs to provide your company with accurate timesheets.


People can talk to Brium through Slack, Telegram and any XMPP chat client. A project name at any time is enough for Brium to create an entry


The time entries get reported to Brium’s website where everybody can see in real-time what the team is doing


Managers can allocate time entries to projects and generate all sort of reports

Real-time team updates

Brium's dashboard shows in real-time what each member of your team is working on, and has been working on in the past days. You can see the amount of time spent by user or by activity for today, yesterday, or the last few days. This helps teams stay updated on what everybody else is doing. The dashboard also shows upcoming vacations, holidays and days-off.

Track your billing pipeline

If you are an administrator, you can see at a glance the status of your billing pipeline. Every time entry has 3 stages in Brium: reported, allocated and billed. A simple interface allows you to quickly allocate time entries to projects and set them as billable or non-billable. The dashboard shows the broad view of all entries per month.

Time report overview

Get a big picture of how well your teams are reporting their time. This view shows you how many hours each team member has reported for each day of the month. The color coding tells you whether they met their daily hours, came above or below, or if it was a holiday. The percentage next to each name indicates the overall performance for the month.

Data ownership

We store your data safely and securely but at any time you can download it all your data in simple and convenient formats. If you decide to leave the service, your data will be completely erased. Exporting your data will also have the benefit of integration with other systems for invoicing or statistics. Contact us for more information on API integrations.

Simple and fun ;-)

Let’s face it: everybody hates filling in timesheets. Brium makes the process of reporting worktime fun and super simple. Once a member of your team has added Brium to their Chat, Brium will ask them a few times a day what they’re working on. You can tell Brium any time you switch activitiestasks, or easily amend previous entries, all without leaving your chat window. Your company can decide how activities should be reported, how much or how little detail you want Brium to ask people to report, things like “email” or “acme-bizdev: call with customer” are all valid Brium activities.

No software needed

Brium works on the web so there’s no need to install anything in your computer. Users can report their time through popular chat clients they already use such as Slack, Pidgin, Adium or Telegram, reducing the chances of forgetting to report time entries.


Free for up to 5 users, starting at $24 for more.


up to 5 users


per month

up to 10 users


per month

up to 30 users


per month

up to 100 users